May 8, 2023 – “A gift of love and freedom”

May 8, 2023 – “A gift of love and freedom”

Happy Feast, Saint Magdalene of Canossa!
You entered our history when, as a noble and rich, you wanted to undertake the religious life and dedicate yourself exclusively to the poor. Your experience, at the turn of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, seems to repeat itself today: social, political, religious travails … Hope in progress and reason, old and new poverty. But you made the difference!

Promote your foresight, your courage, you did not let yourself be intimidated by anyone, your intuitions in the commitment to those who have no voice, to single women, the sick, young people in search, for a society in need of “knowing and loving Jesus”. And we can only be admired in the face of so much relevance.
You kept “life burning” and strengthened a style at the foot of the Cross, at Mary’s side, praying and freely giving.

Thank you!

Let us multiply the modernity of St. Magdalene of Canossa, showing solidarity with each other.

It is the future of the future for Marie Dako Imaya (65 years old): a “grandmother” elected “head of the family” of three grandchildren who lost their father and mother a few months ago

1. Neige MBOMBO Age 14 years school: eighth class…
2. Kevine …BIKAMWA Age 11 years school: seventh class…
3. Joseph…WAPASA Age 4 years school: Kindergarten

They are among the “poorest” loved by Magdalene and Bakhita. They live in a shack, in a suburban area of Kinshasa (DR Congo).
We have promised social-health and school help for an annual commitment of € 1,000.00 (one thousand / 00)
It’s a small challenge for a new family.

Thank you sr. Liliana

(Team Fond. Canossiana Voica)
Reason: support grandmother Marie
1. Bank Transfer in Dollars $
IBAN: IT53 D056 9603 211V ARUS 0005 128 BIC/ SWIFT: POSOIT22
2. PAYPAL account in the name of Fondazione Canossiana VOICA – ONLUS

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